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“I… I was standing. You were there. New and Old Worlds collided… and they made an awesome chardy.”



Ok INXS were right to reject these lyrics for their seminal hit. But we reckon the sentiment here was valid. Julien and Sophie Schaal are modern day winemaking magicians. Shortly after completing vintage in their native France, they prepare to pack up and jet off to South Africa where they do it all over again to make their delicious vinos in the southern hemisphere.  

Head buyer, John, says, “Look for a more savoury style, as Julien is sandwiched between the old and new worlds.” Right he is, too. There’s all the New World’s richness of fruit, balanced by Old World texture and poise. To give you a reference point, this could easily be a Yarra chardy from a classy vintage. Cashew and macadamia nuts meet subtle but intense fruit. It’s not too shouty, instead calmly emanating a delightful complexity. Peach granita, lemon butter, melon and Golden Delicious. The palate is silken, mouthfilling and gently textured. The finish, long and scrumptious. The wine was matured for 10 months, 60% in barrels, of which 15% were new and 40% in tank, giving additional tantalising texture and depth. It’s plenty approachable now, bright and charming as it is, though Wine Dealer, Liv, chimes in, “I really want to see it in two years, that will be f@!*$#g delicious.”  

So there’s your plan of attack, mofo. Grab a box of this unbeatable-value beast to see you through 2019, and keep hold of another for posterity.  


South African import

This wine is part of our Women in Wine collection. We are committed to ALWAYS having wines available that are made by women. We already support so many women in the industry but we want to make this much more transparent and visible for our mofos. We want to make a real and lasting impact in an industry that is sadly still dominated by men. And this is the first step. Here’s to our Women in Wine! 

Winemakers: Sophie & Julien Schaal. Sophie’s a Burgundian native as well as a Dijon University graduate, and makes these wines with husband Julien.

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South Africa
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol
Blend Info
100% Chardonnay
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